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Who Are We

With decades of experience in scaling companies, our operations team has created a one-of-a-kind industry-first system that gets you high-quality relationships at scale with the most desirable clients in any B2B industry, whether it’s food to retail to telecoms.

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The Problem With Traditional Cold Outreach

Traditional outreach methods like cold outreach or paid advertising have a .1% – .2% chance of converting your prospects to a sales meeting…and a much lower chance of getting a meeting with qualified, ideal customers.

We Help You Build Warm Friendships With Your Industry’s Dream Customers

Using our proprietary “Bonded-Lead” framework, we were able to get our clients relationships with the leaders of household named companies like NASA, Mcdonalds, Nestle, Bloomingdales, Coca-Cola, Lego, and hundreds of other household names in any niche.

Increase Your Outreach Conversions By 30x

On average, our clients get an average of a 30x conversion rate compared to traditional outreach methods using this framework

The Bonded Lead Framework

We build “bonded leads” for our clients. Think of it like doing business with a close friend. Most leads from traditional outreach are cold and transactional. Our framework is founded on building a personal friendship with your dream customer before you get them on a sales call.
A bonded lead is created by three main ingredients.
Engaging in their key emotional drivers
Giving value first
A heightened emotional experience

How We Achieve A Bonded Lead

A Sample Of The Household Name Customers Our Clients Attracted using the Bonded Lead Framework


Adriano Torres
Senior Director of Global
Marketing at Coca-Cola


Caroline Morissette
Vice President-Digital
and Data at McCain Foods


Demir Vangelov
CEO of Soylent


Axel Lundstrom
Vice President of Indirect
Procurement at Danone


Jim Alderink
Chief Product Officer of


Isaque Eberhardt
CEO and Co-Founder of Agryo

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Transcend worked with Celery using our growth systems instead of relying on referrals and random conference networking.

Chris Clifford
Transcend Digital
Director of Strategy

Truman Homes’ marketing director implemented Celery’s growth system, on a turnkey basis meaning the team did not have to lift a finger whilst Celery did all the implementation work

Ryan Patterson
Director of Marketing

Celery rapidly implemented its growth system, launching an industry first podcast on the food industry to drive growth
for Farm to Plate.
Saptarshi Choudhury
Farm to Plate
Product Lead

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