Your Complete Outsourced SDR Team

The Most Experienced SDRs in the Industry, a Highly Qualified Pipeline, Only 14 Days to Launch

Our SDRs Accelerate Your Pipeline

We’re the rocket that propels Billion-Dollar IPOs, Strategic Acquisitions, and Funding Events by building Pipelines worth Millions. Don’t settle for anything less than demonstrated excellence and fuel your sales team with appointments that actually drive revenue.

Your Strategic Partner in Sales

We’re here to take your business to the next level. In-depth data analysis, to discussing which appointments are most profitable, to a comprehensive Demand Generation Playbook that’s yours to keep, Celery is your strategic partner in sales.

Trust the Professionals

80 +

High Performing SDR Teams Built

10,000 +

Appointments Set

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Benefits of an Outsourced SDR Team

Skyrocket Results

We understand the importance of delivering results that drive a profit. Don’t settle for sub-par appointments that fail to generate an ROI.

Free Your Time

We’re not just talking about the time your executives spend prospecting. Free your entire organization from the burden of recruiting, interviewing, training, and managing an internal SDR team.

Slash Overhead

Everything from employee turnover to the cost of office space can quickly tank the ROI of an internal SDR team. Fix your costs and drive profit with an outsourced team.

A Stress Free Pipeline, Just a Click Away

Don’t let a lack of new business opportunities create unnecessary stress. Celery frees your team from the constant grind of generating new opportunities by creating a high-performing pipeline that allows your team to close more deals than you ever imagined!

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